Academic Director

Er. Abhinav Anand

Academic Director

Shaping a vision of academic success for all students based on high standards. We believe in creating a climate hospitable to education in order that safety, cooperative spirit and other foundations of fruitful interactions prevail. Cultivating leadership in others so that teachers and other adults realize the school’s vision. Improving instruction to enable teachers to teach at their best and children to learn to their utmost. Managing people, data and processes to foster school improvement.

In addition to being a teacher and administrator, he is an avid supporter of all extracurricular activities for students. He believes that creating a school rich in opportunities for all students helps them to make more productive choices, learn valuable life skills, feel more connected with their peers, and share a sense of pride in themselves and the school.

According to him,“a safe and positive school climate of support from staff and community along with rich content and high expectations for students are key elements in creating an environment where learning can take place. All students at IDPS are entitled to a quality education where all learners can experience success. I believe that parent involvement and communication is essential in ensuring the development of educational partnerships with one another. Together, we can ensure that our children experience a safe, positive and successful learning. I have the best job in the world! Feel free to stop by anytime to talk or just introduce yourself to me. If you ever are in need of anything, you may come in to see me or contact me via phone or email. I am excited for your good children who will become a great human in future!” He enjoys the responsibility and the opportunity to work with your children every day.

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Learning to do their best, work with others, and be safe fair and kind.